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Happy October, Happy Dental Hygiene Month!

October 31, 2022
woman in green brushing teeth with toothbrush

October brings many things, some of them scary (Boo!) but seeing your dental hygienist doesn’t have to be one of them. On the contrary, by making regular visits to your dental hygienist – as we are reminded each October during National Dental Hygiene Month – you can keep your teeth happy and safe and prevent anything scary (cavities, toothaches, tooth decay) from happening to them. That’s why, this October, instead of candy, we at Westside Dental are bringing you these

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More on the Three Day New Patient Program

August 5, 2015

Of special note on our site is the groundbreaking “Three Day New Patient….because a great first impression shouldn’t take three weeks!” It is our goal to make each and every patient understand that they are truly our priority. My team and I feel that without a great first impression, we’d get off on the wrong foot. Our existing patients have the luxury of scheduling their visits up to six-months in advance, so what better way to get started than invite you to

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